Foraging, two square meters of wood fire
and a five meter wide chefs table.

The rhythm of the seasons determines the composition of our menus at Foer. The heart of our dishes comes from the ingredients that we either source or forage locally. We love to exploit nature’s abundance at times and store that in our larder, however some ingredients remain beautiful in its rarity. Therefore, our menu keeps changing and adapting. This gives way for our kitchen to continuously reinvent itself, pressuring the excitement of creating new dishes for our guests to keep your experience surprising and fresh.

We kindly ask you to inform us about any allergies. Due to our menu set-up we’re not able to cater to all dietary restrictions.

Below is an example of what you could eat at Foer.

Foer menu 5 courses   63
Foer menu 7 courses   73


pumpkin / clementine / yoghurt
turnip / pea / horseradish
hen of the woods / onion / hogweed
asparagus / eggplant / walnut
salsify / black garlic / walnut
goat milk / almond / sorrel
honey / marshmallow / raspberry


pumpkin / clementine / yoghurt
turnip / pea / horseradish
veal tongue / bone marrow / lovage
squid / kohlrabi / almond
lamb / black apple / greens
goat milk / almond / sorrel
honey / marshmallow / raspberry

Apart from a wide variety of exquisite wines per bottle, we can serve you a carefully selected pairing with your five or seven courses.

Expect some wines from some of Europe’s finest producers, spanning the Old World from Portugal to Slovenia. No alcohol? Our kitchen produces the finest kombuchas, kvass or kefirs to provide you with an equally interesting beverage.
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Cruquiusweg 9, 1019 AT Amsterdam

Dinner: Wednesday to Sunday from 06:00 PM until 00:00 AM